Self-Assessment Reports and
Accreditation Results

Regarding KGU's Self-Assessment, Certified Evaluations and Accreditation

Kwansei Gakuin University conducts its self-assessment from the comprehensive viewpoint and the individual viewpoint. The items indicated with a mark in the table below show the viewpoints employed for each item.

Kwansei Gakuin Evaluation Items (The * mark shows the KG original item.) Comprehensive viewpoint Individual viewpoint
Large category Medium category Small category (JUAA’s evaluation items) University Graduate School School Graduate School Institute / Center
0 Philosophy and goals
1 *Christian education
2 *Human-rights education/problems
3 *Volunteer activities/education
4 Education and research organization
5 Acceptance of prospective students
6 Educational contents, methods and results 6.1 Educational goals, degree policy and curriculum structure/ policy
6.2 Curriculum and educational contents
6.3 Educational methods
6.4 Results
7 *International exchange
8 Student support 8.0.1 Clear policies are established to help students to concentrate on studying and enjoy a stable campus life
8.0.2 Appropriate study support is provided to students.
8.0.3 Appropriate support for future career / education paths is provided to students.
8.0.4 Appropriate support for future career / education paths is provided to students.
9 Educational and research environment 9.0.1 Clear policies are established to develop educational and research environment.
9.0.2 The size, quality, numbers, etc. of university land, buildings, facilities and equipment are at a satisfactory level.
9.0.3 The library and academic information services work sufficiently.
9.0.4 The environment and conditions to support education and research are provided appropriately.
9.0.5 Necessary measures are taken to protect research ethics.
10 Social collaboration and contribution
11 Faculty organization
12 Administration and Finances 12.1 Administration 12.1.1 Clear administrative policies are established to achieve the mission and goals of the university.
12.1.2 The university is managed and operated based on written rules.
12.1.3 An clerical organization to support the operation of the university is established and works sufficiently.
12.1.4 Measures are taken to improve clerical staff members’ eagerness and talents.
12.2 Finances
13 *Crisis management
14 Internal Quality Assurance -