Graduate School of International Studies

Double Master's Program with Institute of Business Accounting(IBA)

We will start the Double Master's Program from April 2019 with International Management Course (IMC) of IBA in Kwansei Gakuin University. This Program will allow students to earn Master’s Degree in International Studies and MBA in three years. This Master’s Program accepts students whose first language is English and / or English Proficiency is judged to be adequate approved.

Double Master's Program [ 162.95KB ]

Entrance examinations under the double master system are currently suspended.

Educational Policy in Graduate School of International Studies

Fostering Highly-skilled Professionals and Researchers Who Can Contribute to Solving Regional and Global Issues

The Graduate School of International Studies aims to foster highly-skilled professionals and researchers who can contribute to solving various regional and global issues related to the transformation of the international community and its governance structure.
To achieve this aim, the School intends to offer two area studies courses of North American Studies and Asian Studies, as well as Global Studies course, which focuses on research into global issues that transcend regional boundaries. All of these courses consist of three specialized fields of Cultures, Societies / Politics, and Economics / Management.