Dormitory Dining Hall

There is a dormitory dining hall adjoining the male dormitories. Irrespective of gender, KGU students, even those who do not live in the dorms, can use it.


About using the dining hall

Students may use the dining hall as follows.

Please be aware that the dining hall may change how it provides meals from the standpoint of preventing COVID-19 infections.

How to apply: One month's worth of meal vouchers can be purchased in advance from the end of the month before the vouchers are to be used, up until the early part of the month when the vouchers are to be used
*Up to 120 students living in single-person housing can can apply each month (first-come, first-serve)

When the vouchers can be used: Refer to the attached materials
Time when meals are available: Lunch - 12:10 - 13:50 Dinner - 17:20~20:30
Cost to use the dining hall:
One month's worth of vouchers for both lunch/dinner About 23,000 yen 
One month's worth of vouchers for either lunch or dinner About 15,000 yen

2021 calendar

December 2021 dorm dining hall calendar

January 2022 dorm dining hall calendar

Dining hall facility and meals