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We hold the records that document the history of Kwansei Gakuin and its management, staff, and students from its foundation in 1889. In order to use the past in the present to enhance the future of our institution, we publish the Journal of Kwansei Gakuin History (in Japanese) annually and the Archives Newsletter (in Japanese) semiannually and hold seminars occasionally.

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  • A Report of My Visit
    to Canada 

    a trip concerning C.J.L.Bates, the fourth president of Kwansei Gakuin(1920-1940)

    More (PDF)
  • L' Esprit
    de Kwansei Gakuin

    What was the educational philosophy of 
    Kwansei Gakuin? Is it still alive? The answers can be found in these historical articles.

  • The KG Time Tunnel

    Is today some special day?

  • Thus Spoke Bates

    Massages from C.J.L.Bates

  • How the Churchill Trophy Came to the World

    More (PDF)
  • "U Boj, U Boj" and Kwansei Gakuin Glee Club

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Ian Ozolin and the Latvian Trees

On October 20, 2011, Mr. Pēteris Vaivars, the first Latvian ambassador to Japan, visited Kwansei Gakuin to present several saplings of oak, the national tree of Latvia, to President Takutoshi Inoue in commemoration of Ian Ozolin who had taught English at Kwansei Gakuin from 1918 to 1921. “Ozolin” means “oak” in Latvian. The tree planting ceremony was held to commemorate his work and the 90th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Latvia.

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