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The AI Solution Architect Training Program Takes Its Next Step

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 "AI Application and Development Exercise I," the first comprehensive class of the AI Solution Architect Program that started for all undergraduate students, including humanities students, in the 2019 academic year, was held as an intensive lecture for four days from February 22. This program was developed in collaboration with IBM Japan, aiming to develop human resources who can use AI to the fullest. This time, "AI Application and Development Exercise I" was held in cooperation with Daido Life Insurance Co. The first and last day were face-to-face classes at IBM Japan Osaka Works in Kita-ku, Osaka City, while the second and third days were online classes. 3 undergraduate students from the School of Business Administration and the School of Science and Technology took the classes, while a graduate student from the Graduate School of Science and Technology joined as support.

The theme of the challenge from Daido Life was "a service to support sales representatives in their home and non-face-to-face sales activities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As people's lives are changing due to the spread of COVID-19, students were meant to discover the issues that salespeople are facing and find AI-based solutions to them.

In the morning session on the first day, students listened to Daido Life employees, who participated online, talk about the current situation of the life insurance industry, insurance products, business strategies, etc., and considered questions to find potential issues facing sales representatives. On the second and third days, they discussed and prototyped AI-based measures to solve the issues, and on the final day, they actually gave a presentation to Daido Life employees.

 Mr. Yuta Hasegawa, a third-year student of the School of Science and Technology, who participated in the program, said, "Up until now, we have mainly focused on classroom lectures, but this time, we were able to interview people from companies, and I felt it was difficult to apply the knowledge we had gained in the lectures to actual business situations. I want to think flexibly so that I can apply the knowledge I have learned to practical situations."

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